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UPDATED DATES: This year’s Midweek League starts in Mid May. This is a great series of 10k races taking place across various locations. The races are great fun and suitable for any of our runners regardless of pace. Please do your best to make it and get the dates in your diary. All race dates and locations are now confirmed.

The race start time for the first race at Chingford is at 7:30 pm unlike the others at St Albans, Trent Park and Stevenage (which start at 7:45 pm). The Mob Match at Welwyn Garden City may well also be 7:30 pm because the presentations take place following that race and can go on a bit.

Full and final details for the first race at Chingford will be out shortly but the meeting point will be the Orion Harriers Clubhouse in Bury Road E4 7QJ. Hopefully we will get a massive turnout.

  • Wednesday 17th May: Chingford (7:30 start), Orion Harriers Clubhouse in Bury Road E4 7QJ
  • Wednesday 31st May: St Albans
  • Thursday 8th June: Trent Park
  • Thursday 6th July: Stevenage (UPDATED DATE)
  • Wednesday 12th July: Welwyn Garden City

We are organising the race on Thursday 8th June and although we are keen to see as many as possible run we will have a requirement for volunteers for various tasks. Please offer to help if you can’t run.

Chas Taylor