Welcome to the Junior section of Trent Park Running Club.


We provide an opportunity for young people to participate in and improve their running and overall fitness.

The Junior section runs all year round, and enables young people to train, enjoy and compete in trail, road and track running across a range of distances, appropriate to individual runners’ age and fitness.

Membership of the Junior section is open to aspiring runners and athletes from the ages of 9 to 17.  Many of our junior runners decide to remain with Trent Park Running Club, and many of Trent Park Running Club’s most competitive senior runners started as juniors.

Our membership is not selective.  You do not have to be an experienced runner or to be able to meet a specific level of running ability.  We only require that you are enthusiastic about running, participate actively in training sessions, and are committed to improving your running.

This is reflected in the aims of the Junior section, which are to;

  • Introduce fitness as a lifestyle to young people
  • Provide an entry into competitive running
  • Encourage participation across all levels of ability
  • Develop a range of athletic skills transferable to other sports
  • Promote discipline, fair play and respect for fellow athletes
  • Have fun through training and competition

Although membership is not selective, it is not open.  In order to run activities safely, there is a limit to the number of Junior runners that we can have in membership based on the number of coaches and assistants that we have available.

We also take safety and child protection seriously. All our coaches and leaders have been vetted by a club official and most are qualified and approved by British Athletics. We have a code of conduct that cover the whole club and includes our child protection policy.

If you have any question please use the contact us form to get in touch.