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The Club Presentation Night will be taking place on Thursday 27th April after running at about 8:00 pm once everyone is back from their runs. We will be presenting all the trophies for the Club Championships and the many trophies won by our teams and individuals across the various leagues we participate in during the Winter season. We will also be presenting the Ladies DIP (Dedication, Inspiration and Perspiration) Trophy.

Food will be available to purchase at the bar and as an added incentive my birthday is the next day and I will be buying a drink for all those in attendance. You don’t want to miss this opportunity to see the colour of my money.

We will also be taking the annual marathon photo before the run at 6:45 pm for all those stars that have run a marathon this year. It would be great if as many as possible could make it and could be there with medals and TP top for the photo on time. 
Chas Taylor