Below are the handicap results from the October 2022 handicap run on 29/10/2022 in a clockwise direction.

Points are only awarded on your third handicap, so for this race, the only points awarded are the improvement bonus (5 points) and the fastest 5 by gender (5 points).

Handicap 2022 - Oct22

Key for Table:

Pos = Handicap position based on total points
Place = Position based on time
GPos = Gender position
Age Group = Age Group and Gender
Age Pos = Age Group Position
Improvement = Difference between current personal best (handicap) and the time, divided by the personal best shown as a percentage. This is capped at 9% for 2022.
Imp Points = Bonus points awarded for any improvement
Top5 Bonus = Bonus points awarded for top 5 runners, based on time, per gender.
Points = Points awarded based on highest to lowest percentage improvement. This is the total number of runners.