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We are fast approaching the start of the Triathlon Season! It typically kicks off in March – and settles down in October.

It’s nice how it starts up just as the XC season calms down, almost ideal for runners wanting to carry their fitness into another challenge… 🙂

This season, we are aiming to increase awareness and participation of events.

To assist with this, we have designated 12 events (so far) to be part of the TPRC Triathlon Championships!

We have selected 3 events each in May, June, July and August. The events are aimed more towards beginners, as well as experienced triathletes, with the distances typically being on the shorter side of the scale.

The proposed scoring system is very flexible. Anyone completing 4 of the 12 events is in with a shot of winning the championship. Should there be a tie break scenario, the relay event results will be used to determine the winner(s).

(I’m secretly hoping lots of people are able to achieve maximum points, and this in turn drives up the attendance at the relays, which is already typically well attended and one of the clubs favourite events!)

For more information, please check the link:


For further information / enquiries please email [email protected]

Luke Bowie and Pete Hughes