Viv Cannon
5th October 2021


Viv Cannon died at the end of August, just before what would have been her 81st birthday and yes indeed, she was the wife of Geoff but there is so much more that could be said about her association with Trent Park Running Club, or Trotters as we were back in the day.
Viv joined the club in the 1980’s, along with friend Joan Gaylor, the two of them deciding it was a good idea to wear plastic bags under their running gear in order to sweat more and lose extra weight, that was until Alan Muller asked who was carrying crisp packets on their run! Viv always had a crazy sense of humour.
Viv and Geoff were stalwart members of the club, regularly turning up for training and races, attending trips here and abroad, participating in social events – Viv liked to be her table’s ‘Runner ’on quiz nights – and of course running the London Marathon in April 1990, the tenth anniversary of this great event, where Viv finished in front of Geoff, something she often reminded him of. Viv was always ready to volunteer as a marshal for club events too, even in her later years and enjoyed encouraging others on their run, whatever the weather. She so loved being around people.
Geoff stopped running many years ago but Viv continued, despite some health issues and when the running became too much, she carried on walking instead. In fact, she was still turning up on Saturdays to walk around the park until only a few months ago, despite her increasing frailty.
Trent Park Running Club was a big part of her life and the many friends she made here will miss her company, her humour, her willingness to join in and her ability to talk to anyone. Thanks for the memories of‘ Little Viv’.