The ‘Plank’ Handicap

The handicap is back on Saturday 3rd October, but with a load of changes to comply with the Club’s and England Athletics guidelines. Therefore, don’t just turn up at the hockey centre as things are very different.

Firstly, it is only open to Club members, so no guests, and you need to register for each race, so we know who is attending. When booking you will need to choose your start time, these are 5-minute slots for up to 5 people as you will be started individually, so no mass start.

The registration is now open so you can book your place via

The assembly point and course have also changed. You will need to collect a number from the sports field adjacent to the hockey pitches, you will be given a new number for every race so they are not reusable. From there you will wait in your time slot group to be called to the start, you will walk the plank from the sports field to the hill next to this (the one we use for some cross country races) and will be started 10 to 60 seconds apart. You run up the hill and turn right and run past the hockey centre to the concrete road and continue on the normal course until you get to the turn around point on the pineapple. Instead of turning around, hang a left past Go Ape then left again onto the blind trail, keep going (it is further than you think) then turn right back to the start. From there walk the plank again back to the sports field.

Results will be live so you can check your time within a few minutes of crossing the line, the link for this will be on

There will be a new table for this series and you will be sent a link for this once live.

If you have any questions please email