“The Plank” Handicap
April 2021 – 24/4/2021


Beautiful day in the park so a great day for our first race back since lock-down end, a boy where people ready to race!

Some great results across the field with Dougal Burrowes first home in an incredible 17:05! (He obviously had his Weetabix this morning.)

The fastest lady was Kat Alpe in 20:20, which on any other day would have put her in the top 3, but today with the sub 20 boys out in force and a few speedy juniors, put her 10th home, with 9 athletes doing a sub 20.

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Massive thank to David and Linda Grindall for arranging all the marshals and to out marshals out on the course. Without who these races would not be possible. We are always looking for volunteers so please consider helping out at future events.

Entries for the May event, on Saturday 29th May are now open.