“The Nightcap” Handicap
June 2021 – 17/065/2021


The second race in our new mid-week handicap with our new The Nightcap series. Was rather concerned that there was a 70% chance of rain predicted for the start time. However, this held off and decided to bucket down as I was going around collecting the signs instead.

21 runners in all fastest men being Jim Arrowsmith and Luke Barker in 18:06. The first lady, Kat Alpe came in 6th in 20:08, breaking her own ladies course record.

Complete results can be found


The handicap tables and can be found at


Just for a bit of fun we have also added series results for The Nightcap and a combined series results for The Plank and The Nightcap.

The Nightcap series

The Plank and Nightcap series

Massive thank those that volunteered to help out. Without who these races would not be possible. We are always looking for volunteers so please consider helping out at future events.