Men’s Team Report

Yesterday saw us kick off the Sunday League season at Cheshunt.

Our 8 scorers on the day were Chris, Jim Barber, Scott, Ben Allen, Tom Miller, Dave, Jim Arrowsmith and Adam Walker. This was a strong performance and gave us the overall win on the day by a decent margin. Congrats to Chris as well on getting the overall race victory. Our Vets team (Scott, Jim Arrowsmith, Adam Walker and Jason Maloney) also fared well in their competition. This gave us 1st A team, 1st B team and 3rd Vets. We also came first in the combined with our women’s team.

A very strong start to the campaign.


Women’s Team Report

I think Zoe is away for half term and therefore have the great pleasure and delight on writing something covering the wonderful women’s performance on Sunday.

Last year at this race we had the first 3 finishers but didn’t have the outstanding runners to back this up. This year we again had the first 3 with plenty of backup. We had 7 in the first 15. The first 3 were Emily Jeanes, Cyn Cano and Jessica Prior. Cyn and Jess were up there last year and the other two scorers were Alex Baird and Katie Vooght in 7th and 8th place. They were closely followed by Kat Alpe (10th) and Anja Greenwood (15th). All of our 19 women performed admirably giving us a B team win and a 2nd place for the vets. I can think of half a dozen other ladies who are potential points scorers who weren’t able to run so we look good for another great season. If I was to pick out one other runner it is Lisa Barlow who was one of this year’s beginners and ran strongly. Hopefully she can spread the word to others to give it a go.

The next Sunday League race is our own at Trent Park on 1st December. I’m excited to see what we can do there.
Chas for Zoe