Nice day in the park with a total of 45 runners.

The winners this month are:-
First = Christine Read with 50 points (9% improvement capped)
Second = Neil Kimberley with 49 points (2.46% improvement)
Third = Kathryn Burns with 48 points (2.16% improvement)

The most improved this month were Christine Read 9% capped, Theodosia Green 7.66% and Tony Riley with 6.40% capped.

Fastest man Paul Brennan in 18:33 and fastest lady Sarah Marriott in 24:17

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The current points table can be found at

For 2022 we made a couple of changes. Firstly, we cap the improvement at 9%. Secondly you need to have run 2 previous handicaps before you are awarded handicap points. Lastly, winners are based on the total number of points, including bonus points awarded for top 5 men and women runners and making an improvement.