Handicap goes virtual

With all training, races and group runs suspended until further notice and the need for social distancing we have taken our monthly handicap (time trial) virtual.

We want you to keep active and part of our handicap community so have looked at a number of ways of doing this. We didn’t want technology to be a barrier to taking part, require people to need to be a member of a particular service or require a certain watch or app, so we have come up with a very simple to use (in our opinion) system. 

The virtual handicap is open to anyone. They don’t need to be a club member or have run our handicap before. Also, open to new runners and walkers as it is all about using your daily exercise to set a goal and try and improve. 

So here is what you need to take part.

1. Plan your 5K running route

You can do this anywhere at any time. Doesn’t have to be on our normal handicap route, in fact we don’t want you to run this route. Doesn’t have to be at 9:30 am on the last Saturday of the month. Run on the street, across the fields, around the garden, up and down your hallway or on the dreadmill, but please take note of the latest advice on social distancing, running safety, etc. As long as it is 5k (3.1 miles in old money) it counts.

2. Run and Time your 5k

Run your chosen route and time it. Don’t need a fancy watch or app, but these help, an old fashioned stopwatch is fine, as long as you know it was definitely 5k and was timed accurately. 

3. Go to our form and fill in your details 

Very simple form. You don’t need to register, don’t need to have run the handicap before, remember passwords, or submit any personal details (dates of birth, etc). We just need your email address, so we can keep you updated, your name, your time, the date you ran and optional, a link to your activity if posted online. 

4. Repeat 1-3

Yep do it all again but this time push harder and try and improve your time. When submitting the form again please use the same name and email address as you did for your previous runs so we can match them up.

It is as simple as that.

We will then keep track of your improvement by comparing your first run to your last and give you a percentage increase and publish a table so you can see how you are doing and how your running friends are doing.

General rules.

1. Keep safe. Follow the latest guidelines from the government, etc.
2. It must be 5k. Not sure how to measure this then several sites for doing this. A personal favourite is https://gb.mapometer.com/ 
3. No cheating. There are no prizes so what is the point.

Once we a few runs from people logged we will start to publish the tables so keep an eye on your website and your email for updates.

Any questions please feel free to email handicap@trentparkrc.com