In crisp but otherwise perfect conditions 45 people attended the February 2018 handicap.

The fastest man on the day was Chris Adams with a time of 18:30 knocking 1 seconds off his PB, and the fastest lady was Rosemary Bains in 24:49. The most improved runners where Steve Abrahams in a time of 31:35 improving by 2:22, David Arnold breaking that 30 minutes barrier with a time of 29:58 improving by 1:24, and Fiona Neville (who also was third last month) in 28:13 improving by 1:06.

We have also added age grading to the results which recalculates the times based on an age and gender factor to level the playing field. Using the age grading the fastest runner was Andy Betton in 18:05 (actual time 20:02), followed by Robert Pick in 18:13 (23:16), and Paul Ward in 18:22 (21:20).

Full results are available from the links below

February 2018 Results

Series Points

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