Chingford League 2020/21 Race 2 Hog Hill Race Report
Sunday 6th December 2020

Men’s Team Report

The Chingford League are working very hard to put on covid safe races and on Sunday they put on the second of this year’s events. There were 4 separate races with starters going in waves of about 10 and no start line but small markers spread at least 2 metres apart. With 4 races and the results being brought together based on time the challenge was to set a time rather than winning the race. The men had a strong team of 20 finishers. All of our competitors were in Race 1 and we were easily the strongest team in that race, other strong teams were going in later races so we had to set great times and we did. Our first 6 finishers, making up our A team, were Charlie Bruce, Raul Simmons-Perez, Jim Arrowsmith, Luke Barker, Ben Allen and Scott Aiken. Because of the complexity of sorting out results from 4 races and different start times from the waves we haven’t yet seen final results but from a quick manual check I believe Orion won and we are competing with Victoria Park for 2nd and 3rd. I’m sure we won the Vets competition with Charlie, Jim and Scott plus Steve Moss, Paul Brennan and Jason Maloney making up the team. A great performance from the whole team and we look forward to more Chingford League races in the next few months. Our congratulations go to the ladies who I am certain had a storming win and thanks to all the organisers at the Chingford League and Alyson Cullen who was our nominated volunteer.



Ladies Team Report

Sunday lunchtime saw us return to racing after Lockdown 2.0 where we took on the Chingford League at Hog Hill. After the first Chingford League race in October where we struggled to get a sizeable team out due to so many injuries (several of which flared up on race day itself), and the cancellation of the November race due to lockdown, it was brilliant to have such a strong ladies team out in force taking on the undulations of the Hog Hill cycle track.

Due to the lead runner taking a wrong turn, the course ended up being slightly over 5KM, but neither this, nor the very steep climb to the finish (which, by the third lap felt as though it was almost vertical!) could deter the TP ladies. It was a great day in the office for us with Cyn Cano, Alex Baird, Cara Huckstep and Emily Jeanes comfortably going sub-20 despite the slightly longer course, with Cyn absolutely storming round to come is as first lady in our race and third lady overall. Cara and Sue T also managed to bag themselves shiny new 5K PB’s on a course that could hardly be described as flat! A huge shout out to Kat and Sue T as well, who raced a double header, with both running the TP handicap on Saturday morning. It was also great to see Judy Prior back running and to welcome new members Katie Prior and Robyn Hamer to the team.

All in all a hugely successful Sunday afternoon for our ladies’ team. Well done to all of our runners, it was brilliant to race with you all again.