Men’s Race Report

On Wednesday a small number of members took part in the 5k race at the Velopark. This is the 3rd race in the Chingford League season and although the Chingford League is not a focus for us it is a shame more people didn’t take the opportunity to have a fast 5k run. Dougal Burrowes led the runners around the 3 lap course for 99% of the time but was just caught over the last 100 metres. The good thing is that the runner who took him was a division 2 runner so Dougal won the division 1 race in a fantastic time of 15.57. He was supported by Paul Brennan, Mike Prior, Alan Hathaway, Luke Bowie, Jason Hornett and Edwin Coutts. With this small number, it is not surprising that the A team finished 5th, the B were non-scorers and the vets were 4th. Let’s hope we get a much better turnout for the race at Trent Park when it is run as part of the fraternity and Sorority Cup.

Chas Taylor

Women’s Race Report

Wednesday night was this year’s third instalment of the Chingford League at the lumpy Velo Park. We had a good turnout for the ladies, with Katie Brown storming round and winning the women’s race, with Emily Jeanes and Jess Prior also in the top 10 women. The TP ladies did well across the Senior and Vets thanks to runs from Sue Thomas, Melissa O’Hare, Foulla Green, Claudia Canova, Christine Hawker and Emily Clarke, leaving us third overall. Thanks again to all our runners!

Emily Clarke