Changing rooms and showers at Southgate Hockey Centre

update 19/5/2021


Following the latest easing of rules, we are opening the changing rooms and showers for those that need to use them.

The showers have had their legionella service so are now safe to use.

HOWEVER, the guidance is still

Changing rooms are areas of increased risk of transmission.  When possible, arrive changed for your activity and shower and change at home after your activity. (

But for those that need to use them, they have a much-reduced capacity.  Guidance is below.

Changing room capacity within the current government guidance is very much reduced. Capacities are:

    • Changing room 1 – 6 people
    • Changing room 2 – 3 people (currently closed)
    • Changing room 3 – 4 people (currently closed)
    • Changing room 4 – 4 people
    • Changing room 5 – 3 people
    • Changing room 6 – 6 people  

If a changing room is full, please use another changing room or wait until space

Please socially distance whilst in the changing room

Avoid using adjacent showers

Minimise your time in the changing room

Open the fire door to increase ventilation

If possible keep the changing room door ajar to increase ventilation