Change of Membership and Training Session Booking System – Coacha


In short, we are changing our membership system and training session booking system to an alternative called Coacha. A full explanation of the reasons for this and some of the improvements you can expect can be seen below

You will shortly receive an email from Coacha with links to the system to activate your account. If you do not receive this in the next couple of days please check your junk/spam folder before contacting us so we can look into this. Many of the Juniors will already have activated their account as they have used the system for a couple of weeks to book their sessions as a pilot.

Once you have logged in to Coacha please check and update your membership record so the information is correct. As we have moved between systems some errors may have crept in. The most important items to check are:-

  1. Your contact details. Mobile number and email address. These are used for update emails and in the event we need to contact you at short notice we now have the ability to text you, for example, if a training session is cancelled at short notice.
  2. Your Next of Kin / Emergency contact details. 
  3. Your date of birth. Some of these did not transfer over correctly previously.

if you have any issue logging in or don’t receive an email, please contact and we will look into this and resolve any issues. 

If you receive any emails from Clubtrac you can ignore these (unless we advise otherwise) and please do not make any payments via Clubtrac.

Background for change


In preparation for the membership renewal back in March we moved our membership system from one written by James to Clubtrac, this was just when we went into lockdown and had to suspend all club activities. Since then we have been extending your membership and started to use Clubtrac as a booking system for the training sessions we were able to run.

Without going into all the technical background there have been a number of issues with Clubtrac, especially around the booking system requiring a great deal of intervention in the background to make it work. However, the biggest issue has been the communication and support from Clubtrac (or rather lack of) so as we move forward as a club we felt we had no choice but to look for an alternative system and move the whole membership database over.


We have again looked across the market for an appropriate alternative system and James has undertaken much testing. The system we have settled on is Coacha, and is the best fit we could find. The providers are very responsive and seem eager to take on our feedback to improve.

We moved the Juniors over to Coacha just over a week ago and they have been using this for training session bookings. We felt this was important to test the system in the real world with real members and the whole thing has been relatively painless and problem-free. 

With Coacha the booking process is much simpler and there is a mobile app for you to manage your account, book sessions, make payments, etc. All of which should make it far easier for members.