17 OCTOBER 2022 at 7:30PM


REMINDER: Monday 17th October is our AGM and it will be held at Southgate Hockey Centre. Proceedings will start at 7:30 PM. It is an important event, giving you the opportunity to share ideas on the club with members, vote on motions presented and stand for election to the committee. There will be complimentary tea and coffee.

We are adopting the same process as last year i.e. all reports are available via the link below. Committee members will not be reading their reports, but will be on hand to answer any questions. In order for the club to save paper please either print any documents you require or bring your device.

The agenda and reports can be accessed on Google Drive. If anyone has any issues accessing the documents please contact and we will try and help.


1. Apologies for Absence: Lesley Turner, David Arnold

2. Minutes of the AGM held 25th October 2021 – for Approval

3. Matters Arising

4. Officers’ Reports

a. Honorary Chairman – Peter Goldfinch

b. Honorary Secretary – Geoff Harris

c. Honorary Treasurer – Brian Dilley

d. Membership Secretary – Camilla Chafer

e. Club Team Manager – Adam Bowman

f. Coaching Coordinator – Paul Ward

g. Junior Section Representative – Paul Hart

h. Triathlon Officer – Pete Hughes

i. Communication / Newsletter – Anthony Plewes

j. Welfare Officers – Kellie Cuthill / James Joy

k. DBS Verifier – Kath Sinnott

l. Social – Kath Sinnott

m. Website – James Joy

5. Handicap Organiser’s Report – James Joy

6. Presentations

7. Election of Officers for 2022 / 23

8. Motions

a. Constitution – Proposed Changes – Peter Goldfinch / Geoff Harris

b. The Future of TPRC (including membership fees) – Brian Dilley

9. Any Other Business