Track Mile 2022 Results

Results from the track mile held on Wednesday 13/07/2022 at QEII Stadium

Track Mile 2022

Christmas Handicap 2021 – Results

The results from our Christmas Handicap 2021 are below. Well done to all those who took part.

This is a change to the normal handicap as run in pairs with the A and B runner setting off in opposite directions around the course. They then meet someone on the course hand over the relay cracker, turn around and return to the start. The first to arrive at the start continues down the course, finds their partner again and continue as a pair to the start/finish.

However, the first across the line is not always the winner, as hidden inside the relay baton cracker is a time adjustment, plus or minus, so the time is adjusted by this factor make for some interesting results!

Massive thanks to all the helpers, especially Sally Minks for coordinating all the helpers and arranging for the post-run mulled wine and mince pies.


Christmas Handicap 2021

Track Mile 2021

Results from the Track Mile 2021 held on 21st September 2021

Track Mile 2021

HSV Triathlon – 12/9/2021

HSV Triathlon


Luke Bowie, 3rd Male 18-24 (???)

Pete Hughes, 2nd Male 60-64

Emily Clarke, 3rd female

Emily Clarke, 1st female 25-29

Melissa O’Hare, 3rd female 45-49

Michele Watters, 1st female 50-54

Sue Thomas, 2nd female 50-54

Christine Hawker, 1st female 55-59

John Kercher 3rd male 45-49

Max Kercher 1st under 18 (8th overall)

Harry Chacholiades 6th Male 55-59


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