Chingford League 2021 – Velo Park 20/10/2021 – Race Reports

Men’s Race Report

On Wednesday a small number of members took part in the 5k race at the Velopark. This is the 3rd race in the Chingford League season and although the Chingford League is not a focus for us it is a shame more people didn’t take the opportunity to have a fast 5k run. Dougal Burrowes led the runners around the 3 lap course for 99% of the time but was just caught over the last 100 metres. The good thing is that the runner who took him was a division 2 runner so Dougal won the division 1 race in a fantastic time of 15.57. He was supported by Paul Brennan, Mike Prior, Alan Hathaway, Luke Bowie, Jason Hornett and Edwin Coutts. With this small number, it is not surprising that the A team finished 5th, the B were non-scorers and the vets were 4th. Let’s hope we get a much better turnout for the race at Trent Park when it is run as part of the fraternity and Sorority Cup.

Chas Taylor

Women’s Race Report

Wednesday night was this year’s third instalment of the Chingford League at the lumpy Velo Park. We had a good turnout for the ladies, with Katie Brown storming round and winning the women’s race, with Emily Jeanes and Jess Prior also in the top 10 women. The TP ladies did well across the Senior and Vets thanks to runs from Sue Thomas, Melissa O’Hare, Foulla Green, Claudia Canova, Christine Hawker and Emily Clarke, leaving us third overall. Thanks again to all our runners!

Emily Clarke

Sunday League 2021 – Cheshunt

Ladies’ Team report

After what for many has been a long hiatus, 17th October was the first of five “Sunday League” races for this season and a return to the mud which we all secretly love. Conditions were pretty good, the earlier rain had stopped and the ground was nice and soft.
In a turn of the tables from yesterday Jessica Prior was our first lady home in 4th place overall followed a mere ten seconds or so later by Emily Jeanes. Kat Alpe was our third lady home (and also another super-tough woman who had also run yesterday – for her first claim club). Despite not intending to run my spikes somehow made it onto my feet thanks to a delayed start and I finished TP fourth lady with new member Anna Sikorska our fifth and final A team scorer.
We had a brilliant turn-out so plenty for a B team composing Melissa O’Hare, Judy Prior and Sue Cross. We had so much depth that we also had a super-strong vets team for the icing on the cake. Really strong running also by Claudia Canova, Sue Thomas, Celine Goldsmith, Rosemary Bains, Christine Hawker, Emily Kenworthy, Christine Read and Jill Atkins very admirably bringing up the rear. Sadly Foulla Green had to pull out due to her hamstring injury flaring up but she kept in good spirits cheering everyone through the finish and providing cakes at the end.
A very impressive start to this cross-country league especially considering that seven of this women’s team also ran the gruelling Met League race the previous day!
Anja Greenwood

Men’s Team Report

The following day we had the first Sunday League fixture at the usual course over in Cheshunt. Nothing like a doubleheader to kick off the XC season for this year!
Again, a small team in all compared to our usual but the 8 scorers on the day were Jim Barber, Luke Barker, Steve, David Kunzmann, Paul, Adam, Mike and Del. Huge well done to Jim who won the race on the day, and massive hats off to everyone in the team on the men’s and women’s side who ran both days.
Official results aren’t out at the time of me writing this but it looks like we finished 4th in the overall and possibly 2nd or 3rd in the Vets. A half-decent start but definitely a lot of work for us to do if we want to be picking up silverware at the end of the season.
Adam Bowman

Met League Race 1 2021 – Claybury

Women’s Team Report

On Saturday we returned to Claybury for the first Met League race in two years. Despite the fact that “The Hill” has definitely got steeper and longer during the pandemic, our TP ladies performed brilliantly as ever. In a competitive field, we had three TP women in the top 50, with Emily Jeanes in 11th place, Jess Prior just behind in 13th and Alex Baird in 32nd. Fiona Hathaway, Emily Clarke and Judy Prior also scored for the club. We also had strong performances from Sue Thomas, Christine Hawker and Christine Read.
After the first race our senior women placed 4th overall in Division 1, and our vets placed 5th overall, so very strong positions going into race 2. Well done to all our runners, and extra hats off to everyone who did it all again on Sunday morning at Cheshunt!
Emily Clarke

Men’s Team Report

On Saturday we had the first Met League fixture of the season at Claybury. We headed over with a small but quality-filled men’s team.

Our 12 scorers in order were Dougal, Jim, Carl, Paul, Scott, Steve Moss, Francis, Mike, Alan Hathaway, Luke Bowie, Dave Birks and Edwin. They were well followed up by Ian Ellis, Paul Hart, Eamonn Cullen and Giovanni. That was good enough for 10th position in Division 1 so an okay start with a platform to build on now for the rest of the season.
Our Vet’s had a standout result and a little bit of Trent Park history with our first ever fixture win in division 1 for any of our teams. Massive congratulations to the team of Jim, Paul, Scott, Steve, Mike and Alan.

The next ML Fixture is a WGC (Stanborough Park) on November 13, we really need as many people racing for the team as possible.

Adam Bowman

Chingford League Relays – 17/4/2021 – Results and Photos

Chingford League Relays
Saturday 17th April 2021


On Saturday afternoon we headed over to a new venue in Dagenham for the Chingford League relays which is the end of season fixture. After such a turbulent 12 months, it’s been amazing to have the Chingford League races to look forward to and they are organised in a brilliant and Covid secure way by Adrian and the team.

Many members will know of our success in the relay competition over the past 10 years or so, with the Men’s team winning the fixture 6 years on the bounce from the 2011/12 season through to 2016/17. The Women’s team also lifted the Relay winner’s trophy in the 2017/18 season.

On the day we had 5 Women entered, with Kat, Fiona, Anja and Jessica making up the A team and Christine Hawker on an additional team. I must say a special thanks to Fiona for stepping up last minute to run after we lost a runner due to injury, and to Anja for pulling the team together. After a really strong run by Kat, and then Anja, we were right in the mix and within contention. A brilliant run from Fiona handed over to Jessica in 3rd place, and with a fantastic run she hunted down the ladies in front to storm home to victory by over 50 meters in the end!

Over to the Men’s race, where we had a scoring competition for the A team, Vets team and B Team. I must mention the Junior section of the club here, as 3 of our 4 runners in the Men’s A team had all been products of the Juniors, with young Cameron Bocchetti followed by returning members Dan Carpenter and Joe Young. With the addition of Dougal Burrowes, this was a stellar team made with birth years in the 1900’s and one in the 2000’s (sorry if that makes you feel old reading this!). Our B Team was very strong as well, comprising Will Douglas (another product of the juniors), Jim Arrowsmith, Ben Allen and the evergreen Scott Aiken.

After a storming first leg, Dan Carpenter gave us a 50-meter lead and handed over to Cameron who ran a brilliant leg and outsprinted London City to maintain the lead, Joe Young sped off to put us well in command and handed over to Dougal about 70 meters in front. A controlled last leg and Dougal bought the win home for the team, an outstanding effort and great to have that famous trophy back in its rightful place in Trent Park hands after a 3-year hiatus. Scott Aiken famously once said (during the week) that you can’t win anything with kids…. How wrong he was! 😄

On the other side, the B team looked in control from the outset and some strong legs and brilliant running gave that team a comfortable victory and another win for TP, as well as winning Division 1 for the season.

We can’t quite work out if there was a C team competition or not, but let’s assume there was and our team on the day of Mike Prior, Paul Brennan, Del Boy and Stuart Manktelow all individually ran great times in a really tricky race where they were effectively doing time trails against themselves due to the wave of starts for social distancing purposes. Our 4 Vet’s on the day taken from the above teams (Jim, Scott, Paul and Mike) were easy winners and rounded off a clean sweep for Trent Park across the board, as well as our Men’s Vets team winning the Chingford League Division 1 for the season. Well done also to the rest of the team who ran superbly on the day; Luke Bowie, Jason Hornett, Jeremy, Eamon, Ian Ellis and Chas. The relays are always a good bit of fun to round off the season and everybody came away with beaming smiles on their faces after the run, after a few minutes of waiting for the lactic acid to clear from their legs!!

That ended the shortened Chingford League season, and it’s been brilliant for this league to put some fixtures on for us recently. We ended the season with the below team results:

Men’s A Team – 3rd (Division 1)
Women’s A Team – 2nd (Division 1)
Men’s Vets – 1st (Division 1)
Women’s Vets – 5th (Division 1)
Men’s B Team – 1st (Division 1)