Beginners Course 2022

Our latest 10-week beginners (couch to 5km, zero or hero course) course details are now available as well as the booking link.

Join us for a 10-week, Saturday morning and Tuesday evening, expertly lead program that has introduced many of our members to running.

Full details available via

Easing of lockdown restrictions 19th July Update

Easing of lockdown restrictions 19th July Update


The guidance below outlines how the Running Club is approaching the easing of lockdown from the 19th July. These guidelines have been developed following careful consideration of the Government guidance and engagement with the Hockey Centre, Leaders (call held 12th July) and the Committee.

The government guidance states: “COVID-19 has not gone away, so it’s important to remember the actions you can take to keep yourself and others safe. Everybody needs to continue to act carefully and remain cautious”. This was a view expressed by the leaders who reviewed proposals to help the club return to normal. The following changes help support this cautious approach.


Club training dates and times

The leaders will continue to provide a range of start times for runs on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday’s. We will gradually move to holding more sessions at pre-COVID set times but retain some flexibility that will reflect how members have had to adapt running around work and home. We will canvas members views on core meeting times so that we do not lose our identity as a “Running club for all”.


Attending a training session and group sizes.

We recognise that some members have found Coacha difficult to use and we will continue to seek improvements from the software designers. However, Coacha has helped move the club forwards through difficult times and offers many advantages that will strengthen the club going forwards. Official Club sessions will continue to be listed on Coacha, providing easy booking for members who sign-up on Coacha.

As restrictions are relaxed from the 19th July, members can turn up without booking on Coacha and join a group at the leaders’ discretion. Group sizes will be increased to a maximum of 12 members per leader from the 19th July, which will also help with this cautious, but flexible approach.


Hockey Centre – Home of TPRC

We have met with the Hockey centre management team and the points below summarise their approach from the 19th July. Please familiarise yourself with these so that everyone can continue to enjoy the facilities of the centre safely.


  • Garden area and outside generally, all restrictions lifted, BUT please be cautious


  • The screen around the bar will remain up
  • Customers should wear masks in the building
  • Customers seated at tables do not need to wear masks
  • Customers should be seated when in the bar area. Please do not gather in standing groups
  • Number seated at a table – no restrictions
  • Showers and changing rooms – no restrictions but please remain cautious
  • We will continue to keep all doors and windows open to maximum ventilation in the bar area
  • Sanitisers will remain up. Please use them

Other rooms

  • The sofas will be returned to the bar on Friday 23rd July
  • Changing room 3 will return to use from Friday 23rd July
  • The meeting room will return to a meeting room from Friday 30 July, however, due to reduced ventilation, we do not recommend it is used by more than 6 people.


As a club we requested a more suitable meeting point at the centre. It has been agreed that we can meet in the Marquee through the summer and the “Dance Floor” area in the winter. We all need to ensure that fire exits and walkways are not used as meeting points going forwards.

I look forward to seeing you at the club soon

Return to running update – 26/3/2021

Return to club activities
Update for 29th March 2021


Following Wednesday’s committee meeting, here’s what you need to know so far:

  • We are restarting organised running activities from next week (29th March)
  • We are following England Athletics guidance
    Our activities will be organised to meet EA guidance on running them as COVID-secure
  • Subject to confirmation, track starts on Tuesday 30th March
    Tuesday/Thursday/Saturday sessions also next week after 29th for seniors and juniors
  • We will brief run leaders to make sure they are up to speed before we restart (run leaders – please check your inbox for email)
    Sessions will all be on Coacha for booking once run leaders are in the picture and ready to go
  • Some changes to group sizes, but these are minimal changes at this stage whilst we get going again
  • Full information on Hockey Club usage to follow (eg from 29th March – bar open for takeaway, toilets open, masks to be worn when inside)
  • Welcome back tea and coffee date (provided by the club) to follow!
  • Membership fees remain the same and subs will be due from 1st April


More information on all the above to follow to help you get restarted

We look forward to seeing you!

Peter and the TPRC team

National Lockdown – 6th January 2021

National Lockdown
6th January 2021


With the recent government announcement of a full national lockdown, English Athletics has issued revised guidelines for us all to follow.

These being as follows:

  • The suspension of all face-to-face indoor and outdoor club/group activity.
  • The suspension of all indoor track and field competitions.
  • The suspension of all outdoor competitions including track and field, cross country, road, trail, fell and multi-terrain running.
  • The suspension of all face-to-face coaches’ and officials’ education.
  • The suspension of any other face-to-face club/group training sessions, events, athlete camps, running groups or other social events, as well as club committee or other meetings.
  • Indoor gyms and facilities will remain closed.

What can take place?

  • The government has confirmed that individuals can exercise with one other person either from their household OR outside their household. This exercise is limited to one occasion per day and, the individual should not travel outside of their local area
  • Virtual training sessions can be delivered by qualified coaches
  • Virtual competitions can still take place. Click here for a list of virtual road races
  • England Athletics will continue to coordinate the Weekly 30

The full English Athletics statement can be accessed 

Please do adhere to these new guidelines, thank you.

Peter Goldfinch

Tier 4 – 19th December 2020

Tier 4
19th December 2020


Following the Prime Minister’s announcement earlier this afternoon placing London into the new Tier 4, we are so sorry to have to announce that all Trent Park Running Club organised activities will be suspended until further notice, including any runs planned for tomorrow – Sunday 20th December 2020.

We really do hope to see you all as soon as possible in the New Year. We will update you all as soon as we know anything and we have confirmation from England Athletics about when we can resume organised club runs.

In the meantime, you continue to be allowed to exercise on your own or with one other person from outside your household, and we hope that you will continue to find time to keep fit and enjoy the benefits of regular exercise.