Handicap 2022 – January results and photos

The handicap is back!

After almost 2 years it was great to be back to a normal “classic format” handicap and the weather seemed pleased to seemed please to see us as well.

Not sure if it was people glad it is back, the good weather or the lure of free tea, coffee and pastries but we had 69 people turn up and run across the range.

A slight delay to the start due to a lock being changed on the pineapple gate, so a last minute adjustment to the start/finish was needed. However, all went off well thanks to our dedicated team of marshals lead by the Grindall’s.

Results and photos can be found via the links below.

Beginners Course 2022

Our latest 10-week beginners (couch to 5km, zero or hero course) course details are now available as well as the booking link.

Join us for a 10-week, Saturday morning and Tuesday evening, expertly lead program that has introduced many of our members to running.

Full details available via

Christmas Handicap 2021 – Results

The results from our Christmas Handicap 2021 are below. Well done to all those who took part.

This is a change to the normal handicap as run in pairs with the A and B runner setting off in opposite directions around the course. They then meet someone on the course hand over the relay cracker, turn around and return to the start. The first to arrive at the start continues down the course, finds their partner again and continue as a pair to the start/finish.

However, the first across the line is not always the winner, as hidden inside the relay baton cracker is a time adjustment, plus or minus, so the time is adjusted by this factor make for some interesting results!

Massive thanks to all the helpers, especially Sally Minks for coordinating all the helpers and arranging for the post-run mulled wine and mince pies.


Christmas Handicap 2021

Christmas Opening Times (2021) Southgate Hockey Centre

Southgate Hockey Centre will be open at the following times over the Christmas period.

Monday 20 December – Open 6.30-9.30pm TBC

Tuesday 21 December – Open 6.30-10pm TBC

Wednesday 22 December – Closed

Thursday 23 December – Closed

Friday 24 December – Closed

Saturday 25 December – Closed

Sunday 26 December – Closed

Monday 27 December – Closed

Tuesday 28 December – Closed

Wednesday 29 December – Closed

Thursday 30 December – Closed

Friday 31 December – Closed

Saturday 1 January – Closed

Sunday 2 January – Closed

Monday 3 January – Closed

Tuesday 4 January – Open 6.30-10pm

Christmas messages 2021

We have brought back the Christmas Messages so you can now submit a message to your club friends and it will appear below, using the form at the bottom of the page.

There is a £5 charge with an optionally additional donation amount. These will be donated to Wildlife Rescue and Ambulance Service (WRAS) Enfield https://www.wras-enfieldwildlife.org.uk/

Christmas Messages 2021