Membership fees include full use of the Southgate Hockey Centre facilities. This works out to approximately £2.00 per week or £0.50 per visit if you use the centre only on training days.

Benefits of membership include:

  • Free use of changing and showering facilities at the Hockey Centre.
  • Free monthly Handicap.
  • Access to qualified club coaches and group leaders.
  • Free use of open water swimming training facilities in the summer.
  • Club social activities including Dinner & Dance, BBQ, Quiz nights, etc.
  • Discounts from selected sports suppliers.
  • Sponsored inter-club races and events such as the 3 cross country leagues, the midweek summer league as well as various national competitions.




A large proportion of the membership fee goes to the Hockey Centre for use of the facilities which are the envy of other clubs. Unlike some other clubs, there are no additional charges for sessions other than swimming and the occasional special session. We also allow any member, regardless of ability to enter any of the clubs sponsored races be it the National Cross County championships or a local inter-club race.

The fees are:-

Single-member £110.00, Student (under 21 or in full-time education) £50.00, Junior Member (9-17 years) £50.00, Swimming Only Member £50, and Social Member £25.

Please note, there is currently a wait-list for Junior / YA membership (contact the junior section for more information).

Membership fees are due on 1st April each year. Members joining during the annual period will pay an appropriate amount for the outstanding part of the year (new members only).