Below is a list of the most common questions we get asked but if you cannot find an answer to your question simply contact us and one of our team will try and help.
Should I wait until I’m fit before coming along?
You need to be able to run continuously for about 45mins at 11-minute mile pace, about 4 miles. However, from time to time we set up a group for complete beginners with the aim of training them to run a 5k, if you are interested in this please contact us through our contact us page.
Where does the club meet for each session?
The club primarily meets at the Club House (Southgate Hockey Centre) within Trent Park unless otherwise specified. There is a large car park in the grounds and Oakwood Underground station is within walking distance.
See our Locations page for full details.
Can I just turn up on a club night?
Yes (and No). We would strongly suggest you come on a Thursday or Saturday initially just ask any of our members for one of the leaders. You will need to complete and sign the “Visitors Form” before you run so make sure to turn up at least 15 minutes before the start of the session.

The Tuesday night sessions are not idea as your first session. Therefore, don’t suggest you turn up to one of these.

Are the club night runs fast?
The club has many members of varying pace so we have a number of different groups to cater for all abilities.

On a Thursday night, the sessions are announced, i.e. 7 miles at 9-minute mile pace, 10 miles at 7.5-minute mile pace, etc. Therefore, you can decide which group to run with.

We suggest if coming for the first time you err on the side of caution and run is a slightly slower group. In any event, we never leave any runner alone and always stay as a group.

How do I know what my pace is?
Ideally, you will take part in our monthly handicap on the last Saturday of each month, which will determine your racing (running?) pace.
However, if you wish to join us for a few running sessions prior to the handicap, one of our team leaders will determine what likely pace you are by asking you specific questions.

We will always err on the side of caution by starting you off in a steady group. That means you could find yourself working your way up the groups during the next few sessions or feel right at home where you are.

People join the club for different reasons; some may join to get faster and move up the groups, others will be happy to stay in the same group.

Are there changing facilities at the Club?
Yes, there are changing rooms, toilets and showers for men and women in the Club House (Southgate Hockey Centre).
These changing facilities are available to members only and invited guest only, whilst the bar is open to the public.
Can clothes and valuable belongings be left in the clubhouse while I am out running?
Yes, you can leave your bag/s in the changing room although this is at your own personal risk. We always advise people to leave valuables in the boot of their car and not in the changing rooms as they are not supervised.
Is drinking water available at the Clubhouse?
Whilst the bar staff provide jugs of water pre and post run, we advise people to bring their own bottled water.
The bar sells tea, coffee, drinking chocolate, soft and alcoholic drinks, as well as toast and snacks.
When and how do I join?
You can try the club out for a few sessions first to make sure it’s right for you.

After three to four visits, you would then need to fill out the membership form and give this to a committee member or post this to our Membership Secretary, together with a cheque for the membership fee.

See our join us page for further details.

What kit do I need?
Whatever you feel comfortable in. We recommend that you buy specialised running shoes for a reputable running shop.

During the dark nights, it is essential to wear something bright and visible, Group Leaders have the right to refuse to take someone not properly attired.

You are required to wear club colours (vest, t-shirt, long sleeve top, etc.) for any league races that you take part in. You can order and purchase these from our Club Kit page or just ask at the club.

Does the club cater for triathletes?
Yes, the club has an active Triathlon section who swim, cycle and run each week.
Please see the Triathlon section for more details.
I have children who are interested in joining the club. How old do they have to be and when do they train?
The club has a Junior / Young Athlete section who take part in a range of training activities, please refer to the Junior section of the website for more information.
Please be aware currently there is a waiting list to join the junior section.
I have a question that is not covered here. Who can I contact?
Please go to our Contact page and complete our simple enquiry form, your question will be directed to the most appropriate person for an answer.
How much does it cost to become a member and what do I get for my money?
Membership costs full members the equivalent of £2 per week. There are significant discounts for students in full-time education and/or under the age of 21 and special rates for Junior members aged from 8-15 years.
Full details of our membership fees can be found on our join us page.
As well as regular training sessions your membership also includes various races and social events. Details of what is included can be found on our join us page.